the 4 points to take into account when choosing your wordpress theme if you are thinking about seo

the 4 points to take into account when choosing your wordpress theme if you are thinking about seo


the 4 points to take into account when choosing your wordpress theme if you are thinking about seo

If you are about to enter the digital world and you are thinking about creating your website, you should be thinking about what theme to choose, usually we choose one that goes according to the niche of our website but really this is not the most important thing; when choosing the theme of your website you must make sure that this theme is optimized for seo and thus avoid possible future indexing problems.

In order to help you with your venture we have created a list of points to consider when choosing your wordpress theme.

Step number one: Where to look for my wordpress themes?

Nowadays there are many platforms that provide you with an endless number of themes, but… not all platforms have quality themes and with a good optimization, it is very important that you know how to choose where to look for your themes, so here is a list of the best platforms taking into account their credibility:


What better platform to search for your wordpress themes than the wordpress website itself, wordpress has a wide range of themes and a search filter that will help you find the right theme for you.

2: Envato / Themeforest

If you are one of those who do not mind investing a small amount of money in order to have a good theme optimized for Seo and with a good quality then Envato is your choice. currently is one of the most used platforms by web designers and programmers, has one of the widest range of themes for wordpress, the advantage that Envato gives you is that their themes offer a professional technical support that will always be ready to help you in any problem you have with your theme, also its search filter is one of the most complete on the market, for this and more Envato is one of the platforms for themes that we recommend the most.

3 : JustFreeThemes 

JustFreeThemes offers a list of more than 1229 free and responsive WordPress themes, and filters its themes by type.

A point to highlight is that its themes have a well cared aesthetics, extensive descriptions, design ratings, support, code quality and customization.

There are many more platforms but we can say that these 3 are the ones we have used, taking into account where you will look for your theme we move on to the second step:

What are the requirements for an SEO optimized theme?

If you are looking for a seo optimized theme the first thing you should do when choosing your theme is to avoid those super visual themes, “dynamic and multipurpose”, usually those themes usually give many problems for being heavy because so many visual elements make it heavy, what google recommends is a simple and fast loading theme, the simpler the theme the faster google will take you into account, without further ado these are the points that you should take into account when choosing your theme:

1: Your wordpress theme must be responsive design.

As time goes by the seo has been changing google requires us more, today one of the things that google requires more is that our pages are responsive design, this means that your page is optimized for both computers and for mobile and tablets, this because a high percentage of people who enter our pages do so from a mobile so your page should be as optimized for mobile, unfortunately not all themes include responsive design so you should make sure that you are going to choose if you have it.

2: Your wordpress theme must have a fast loading time.

As mentioned above, google is becoming more demanding with the passage of time, another requirement that we put is that our pages have a short loading time (as short as possible).

Generally there are several elements that influence the loading time of your web page such as:

  • CSS and js requests
  • Large files
  • and bad server

A good way to know if the theme you are about to choose is fast loading is to analyze the demo that some platforms usually give you, there are many online pages that tell you the speed of a page, the one we usually use is google’s own (google page speed) and GTmetrix.

3: Your wordpress theme has to have a flexible and easy usability for you.

Seo is very much based on trial and error, experiment and solve, so you should choose a family friendly theme that will make the process of experimenting and solving the possible errors and failures that you may encounter in your process less burdensome.

4: Your theme must include Schema structured data.

Including Schema structured data is one of the best seo practices, including it is a way to facilitate the work of google search engines and have a faster indexing.

With Schema structured data, when the Google robot crawls your web page, if it contains structured data, Google can quickly identify the navigation menu, whether it is an article, recipe, course, review, online store product, who is the author, etc.

These are only the 4 main points, there are more that you should take into account, so we suggest that when choosing your topic do extensive research and avoid getting a topic that will bring you problems in the future, this is all and we hope we have helped you.

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