Is user experience important when it comes to SEO?

Is user experience important when it comes to SEO?


Is user experience important when it comes to SEO


Read this to improve the user experience of your readers to your website.

The competition when it comes to positioning your website has increased, as well as those requirements in terms of Google’s algorithm. So we must make a thorough scan on those details that prevent your website to be positioned, now well. One of the main causes for your website not positioning is simply due to the user experience or UX.

Now, in the user experience are those details that are important when you want to position your website, as we said before. What could be those aspects that can harm the SEO of your website? Next, we will look at these aspects related to the UX. 

This is what hurts the user experience of your readers.

The so called Pop Ups. This is one of the reasons why many people stay away from your web page, because if you add a lot of advertising or links that pop up suddenly you are likely to lose a reader. The content must be very incredible or attractive for your reader to want to skip all those Pop ups in order to read what is on your website, remember that.

The loading speed of your website is crucial. What for some is the ABC’s maybe for others of empirical study do not know that the loading speed of your website can hurt when receiving visitors to your page, key aspects such as uploading compressed images and other factors can help your website is not annoying when starting and can help you increase your monthly visitors.

Junk content leads to a bad user experience. Hasn’t it happened to you many times when you are looking for something that “apparently” a website can offer. However, when you enter the site, it doesn’t offer anything you were looking for. This causes you to lose interest in the website, which means a loss of users that could be nourished by your content. If you want to avoid this, the ideal is to focus on making quality content, rather than quantity. If your content is good, your readers will wait for a new update.

What can you do to remedy these problems that damage your website?

Simply, remember that it’s not just about making a website and content and that’s it. You must take care of the details of the positioning when you want to make your website can be positioned among the best in Google.

To do so, find a way to perform the following actions:

  1. Create content that responds to your reader’s search intent.
  2. Create interaction with your website and its users.
  3. Create a website that is comfortable and generates security when the reader can enter.

Why is everything about creating? Simple, when we talk about creating content, many times people think that it is just writing for the sake of writing. But the truth is that no, everything must have a sequence of steps that can simultaneously provide solutions to those problems that people who are looking for something related to the theme of your website may have.

The same happens with all those details related to the SEO world, here the important thing is to think about improving the user experience with the loading speed, the quality of the content and other aspects that are extremely important when it comes to giving attention to your website.

Is the same thing happening with online stores?

Yes, the truth is, if you have a website that is related to the sale of a product or service, and to get to this product or service you have to make your customers wait a lot, believe me when I tell you that you will not sell anything.

If you want your site to be among the first places, remember that thinking about even the smallest details adds points when it comes to improving the user experience and positioning.

Advantages of providing a better user experience.

  • Your website will load faster.
  • In case you have an online store you can increase your revenue margin.
  • You will be able to go deeper into other topics that will help to converge when it comes to a greater number of visitors in the same.

Does branding play a role?

For those who do not know about branding, the reality is that this is the means by which a brand is built from scratch. Now, with an excellent branding, brands can be more striking according to aspects such as the logo, font, colors, among other factors that help brand positioning.

Considering those aesthetic aspects that influence your website is also another way to offer an excellent user experience that in turn transforms into an increase in revenue to your website.

Therefore, if you are looking for new methods that can help you to position your website, in order to be among the first in the market, then always remember to think about your users to provide them with an excellent experience.

Remember that in order to be the best or to make your website stand out in a market and a large crowd that claims to be your competition, it must have that something that makes it better and that in turn helps it to improve in the rank of visitors.

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