SEO for beginners: Get to know this interesting trade.

SEO for beginners: Get to know this interesting trade.

As it is well known nowadays, there is an increasing number of jobs in the digital environment. More and more people are immersing themselves in the world of Freelancer. As well as others who devote their time to study and learn the basics of digital marketing for the growth of your company or where they are currently working.

Now, digital marketing is part of everyone’s daily bread. And it is a fact that there are thousands of activities that we can perform in order to earn a living with a quite interesting salary.

Now, today we will talk about SEO and why it is so important nowadays, especially when you want to sell more, or make your brand more visible in its respective target market. Let’s get to know the terms first.

What do the acronyms SEO stand for?

As we all know, SEO is an interesting procedure that stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Or better known as search engine optimization. It is also known as Search Engine Optimization.

Now, the SEO comes to fulfill those important aspects that every website must have, such as counting through strategies, research and content creation in order to “position” among the top 10 results of the search engine.

In this case, the search engines are understood as google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Any topic you want to search through a social network or google can be easily found if you take care of an excellent SEO.

Let us remember that between the sky and the Internet there is nothing hidden.

Now continuing with the topic, SEO comes to fulfill a very important task, which is to make your content and website in general can “position” through these search engines, in order to help you get more visibility.

However, SEO can also be applied to social networks, so that a search for a certain person, company or service can be found quickly in the face of great competition.

In simple terms, seo comes to meet all the demands of the digital market to make your brand more visible and thus can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Higher sales rate.
  • Visibility to a larger market.
  • Increased visits to your website that translates into passive income from google.

Among an interesting range of benefits that serve to make your brand the best of all in terms of a specific topic.


How does SEO work?

Google today has artificial intelligence, which is programmed to watch, study and distribute in a coherent way all the content that you can find on the internet. Therefore, this algorithm will be in charge of verifying that your content is of quality and therefore will classify your website according to the quality of the content.

So when we talk about google as an algorithm you must be very careful when it comes to uploading content to your website. In this way we are talking about that quality plays a very important role in any website. Therefore, many SEO specialists and analysts seek to create content that is 100% original, as well as of value.

In order to appeal to an audience that can count on such valuable information and can help you share your information with those who really need it.

Is it necessary to study a specific career to do SEO?

The reality is that everyone can do SEO, you just have to study the behavior of Google, as well as their respective changes that may arise. Also know the niche in which you want to enter to perform SEO.

To do SEO you must undoubtedly do a market research, this research is done through different tools as well as applying procedures to know what the public is looking for.

Clear examples such as:

  • Semrush
  • Ubbersugest
  • Answer the public

They are key tools for keyword segmentation, with which you can make an excellent SEO strategy. It should be noted that the fact that a keyword research is done for the positioning of your brand.

It is not indicative of positioning your website. For that, it must meet certain requirements and parameters that will help to be taken into account in Google in order to make your brand grow efficiently, obtaining passive earnings or more sales in case you have a product or service.

Do not forget other important aspects such as:

  • The loading speed of your web page.
  • The branding of your website.
  • The original content.

How to study SEO if you have no budget?

It is well known that SEO courses tend to be worth a lot of money, since they are dictated by companies or digital media agencies that usually have a high trajectory in terms of SEO and therefore sectorize their market so that only a small select group of people can pay for their knowledge.

However, this is not the end of the world, we know that the best knowledge is that which is found through highly renowned courses or diplomas, however, if you want to learn even more about the world of SEO through YouTube you can learn all those basic and advanced aspects that the world of SEO can have for you.

Although they won’t tell you everything, they will open your eyes to start doing some SEO for your various clients in order to make some capital and be able to continue studying in the art of search engine optimization.

It should be noted that SEO is a lifestyle, which will open the way to new comforts and a higher income, if you know how to adapt and do the job well.

I hope you liked this basic SEO guide where we define some important terms about SEO.

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