Simple SEO tips to reach a wider audience with your website

Simple SEO tips to reach a wider audience with your website


Simple SEO tips to reach a wider audience with your website

First of all, when we talk about SEO this topic can become complex, with mathematical formulas and algebra tables, however, it is not so. With these simple tips you will not only be able to get on your way to a better positioning with your website.

But you can also generate dividends with the increase of visits to your web domain, remember that everything is a matter of making quality content and follow some guidelines which we will talk about today.

Before starting I want to remind you that I am not the owner of the absolute truth, each person has their own way of obtaining results, some studied for it and others “empirically” achieved the positioning of their web page.

Among the SEO tips I bring you today are:

Social networks can be a total success for greater reach. 

The creation of content that positions is not only found in SEO On page techniques, it is also important to use social networks to help the positioning of your blog, an example of this is Instagram, tik tok, Twitter and any other social network that allows you to have greater visibility to the audience you want.

Having these aspects clear when making content for your page, making a link for each social network so that no one misses what is on your website, is quite important when you want to position your website.

 Branding is essential when it comes to standing out from the crowd.

While it is true that each website has its own style, this should not be overlooked, at the time of seeking the “Recognition” by your beloved audience and readers, the “Branding” will help you have an excellent impact on those interested in your content, as it will always seek to be recorded in the subconscious of the person the colors, logos and details that may be on your website and therefore in your brand for their respective positioning.

There is no winning formula

While it is true that there are regulations, or if the Google algorithm behaves in a certain way, the reality is that there is no rule or a secret key, each website has a different way of positioning, as it has its target audience among other things that work differently, remember that there are many platforms by which they can reach visibility to your website so that it can grow, you have to take advantage of them all.

Corrections and feedback are not a bad thing

Maybe it has already happened to you, if on your website you have a box to leave comments, you may have been corrected sometime on your website, this is not bad at all, what it means is that you should pay attention to your respective audience and readers, that means that you are getting a public that is interested in what you do, besides that by taking into account the observations you are formalizing a community, which is important when it comes to building brands. 

However, you can interact with them through social networks, make surveys or simply ask direct questions where they feel obliged to answer your content.

Your images mean more reach

Take your time when creating content, in the process of creating content an important part of this is the creation or search for original images. It doesn’t have to be from Google, give yourself a chance to design or create that “feature” or “characteristic” that sets your images apart from other websites.

Balancing your website between quantity and quality

This is a tip that many take into account when it comes to making valuable content, it is fine to make something of high quality, however, remember that you owe it to your audience and they may get bored and leave your website. Try to dedicate some time to content creation and schedule a certain amount of time for that content so you can keep your audience happy. 

Research the type of topic with a good longtail and only dedicate yourself to create the content that your audience is looking for and upload it every so often.

While it is true that when it comes to SEO content or positioning your brand in search engines brings with it a series of strategies, keyword studies and even an interesting number of content. The reality is that it is quite rewarding when it comes to creating quality content.

In this way, remember that I do not own the absolute truth, in the creation of content we thought a little about how our dear audience could use or take advantage of these simple tips, which perhaps for some is more of the same and for others is simply those details that had not been noticed.

Check out this last tip before you go!

An SEO strategy although it must have or follow certain parameters, the reality is that you should not think about it so much, since there are a large number of possibilities for which you can lose a lot of time.

You can try as you go along and perfect any circumstance, here what matters is that you dedicate yourself and you can learn and watch every detail, besides the fact that by taking advantage of all the resources that the Internet world can give you for the positioning of your brand, it is more than likely that you will achieve it in a given time.

Remember that everything takes time and it is more than likely that you will have to dedicate time until you achieve your positioning goals.

If you liked this content, remember to upload it to your social networks or suggest it to a loved one, this is done in order to help and soothe those who need it, as well as to advise those who are frustrated because their content has not positioned. I hope you find it useful!

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